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CENTRAL DE BRITAGEM is an priavate company (S.A.) with its activities focused in three sectors: Industry, Logistics and Distribution.

Having privileged the group concept, its activities include the areas of: Logistics, Distribution; extractive industry; manufacturing industry; production and commercialisation of all the kinds of construction material; real-estate; civil construction; management of public and private works; engineering; communication networks; basic sewerage and hydraulic works.

CENTRAL DE BRITAGEM operates directly in the Logistics and Distribution sectors and assures its partnerships regarding planning, management and control, from the production stage until the delivery of the product to the final destination, ensuring competitive advantages in the supply chain and the resulting satisfaction of the customers and the general purchaser. The flow of products by land, sea and air, has the goal of contributing towards the profitability of the developed company actions, as well as to guarantee the best costs, services and quality requirements.

We want to deserve the natural preference of our customers and purchasers, based on innovation, industrial entrepreneurship and development.

Provide well-being and comfort to our customers and purchasers, in general, through the high quality of the products and provided services, giving them entire satisfaction in real time and creating an effective value for the shareholders.

  • Commitment.
  • Business culture.
  • Passion, initiative and ongoing innovation.
  • Performance.
  • Social and environmental responsibility.

The values that CENTRAL DE BRITAGEM considers essential for all the organization are rigour and solidity, in plane harmony with the community, nature and technology.